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Where you deserve to shine.

Our luxurious essence provides healthier skin and youthfulness.

Rejuvenate the skin and retain a healthier skin for your body and face. Give your skin the loving it deserves and desires. Let your body and skin know that its time to feel like a QUEENKA.

bringing youthfulness back.

anti aging face mask to forever keep youth for you.

High quality face mask to bring youth and glow into everyday beauty. show the world that you shine brighter then anyone with QUEENKA.

simple and elegant

shining brighter then the skys have never been easier.

DIY moisturizing face mask that is made with high quality ingredients and fabric. bringing DIY hydrating face masks to a whole new level. simple, elegant, easy and fabulous! with our high quality face mask, show them who's glowing the most!



  • Fine dust/particles removal
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Skin brightening
  • Anti-Aging

Fine Microfiber Fabric

Key Features

With our high quality fabric, our DIY hydrating face mask has an exceptional threshold of wear and tear. Also made with fine microfiber, the design was created to have an absorption that can maintain moisture throughout the application and prevents impurities from re-entering on the skin.
Characteristics of fine microfiber:

Confidence is key to beauty Let's Shine together

Why is QueenKa Anti Aging Face mask so advanced?

The main reason for QueenKa's high quality face masks to be so advanced, besides it made with utmost LOVE, is because of the specific ingredients and type of fabric used for this product. We tested and proven the quality of this product to ensure that you get the best out of everything. From using fine microfiber fabric for better absorption, all the way down to specific ingredients that help retain healthier skin and youthfulness.

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six main

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  • foto Lemon Balm Leaf Extract Reliefs itching, pigmentation, fatigue skin recovery, skin protection, blocking of harmful ingredients, and water evaporation.
  • foto Skullcap Extract Excellent for anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, sedative.
  • foto Sacred Lotus Extract Elimination of active oxygen, skin vitality, skins tone correction.
  • foto Longleaf Pine Extract Improved skin condition, excellent for anti-aging.
  • foto Witch Hazel Extract Superb for skin soothing and pore retention, inhibition of external substance activity.
  • foto Evening Primrose Flower Extract Superior melanin synthesis inhibition and suppress moisture evaporation

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“Normally, I have dry, sensitive skin towards the bottom of my face and my T-zone is more of an oily-combo type. I often have a hard time finding products that don’t clog my pores but are just moisturizing. This mask thankfully feels fresh on my face whilst still providing the nourishing power. It has a light clean scent and lots of extra ampoule to absorb into the skin! I left it on for 20 minutes and the redness around my cheeks are gone. And by the looks of it my pores have also shrunk a bit. There’s no heavy after mask feeling so it’ll be safe to sleep right after without remnants on the pillow!”

Naomi C

“It’s kind of like a higher end version of a high quality face mask that I have used before…the material is COMPLETELY different from the one I have used before, much more higher quality material. More thickly, not like other thin hydrating face mask. Some changes that I noticed are, I am definitely moisturized. It made my skin not flaky anymore and I feel refreshed from it! My skin looks clearer after a 2 usage! Highly recommend for others!”

Kathryn P.

“After I used it the first time, my skin felt refreshed the next day and smooth. There was plenty of essence in the pack that I was able to distribute it across my body and felt smoother and revitalized! The quality of the material is definitely higher quality compared to other anti aging face mask. Excited for this product to come so I can use it more often!”

Edin A.

”First time using this DIY hydrating face mask and I noticed that there was a LOT of essence in the bag. I used all that essence onto my body and just rubbed it in since there was plenty. My body felt more revitalized and rejuvenated. I actually abided the rules and I left the mask on for more then 20 minutes and noticed that it hasn’t dried out or slid off. The adhesion of this hydrating face mask was incredible and it still felt moist and wet! It left my face feeling moisturized and I was shocked on how long I had it on and how it performed! Very different then other moisturizing face mask and way more higher quality then other face mask!”

Eun Jin C.