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I’m Kelvin, the founder of this brand, and I chose to change my path and stir up the skin care industry. I’ve been in the hospitality business for over 5 years and customer service is where I want to thrive to help you and the world. During my time in the hospitality business, I’ve realized the way that people treat their skin and beauty during work hours and how they take care of themselves for a healthier lifestyle. But I realized that many people tend to not take care for their facial skin or their body in general due to fatigue from work, too expensive and mostly no time at all. So from my recent visit to Korea, I noticed an impeccable difference on how people developed the habits to make sure their body and skin sustained a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to use this opportunity and help you achieve this lifestyle. So I partnered up with my father and we decided to bring in Korean beauty products and make sure you get results you deserve. With our first product to ever launch to you, I bring to you our brand, Queenka. This brand is a start of a journey to revolutionize the way you develop skin care habits easily and make sure you strive to acquire a healthier skin. We wanted to revolutionize you and your body to make sure you deserve a high quality treatment that your skin desires. There is no such thing as who is better; equality AND quality is what we strive for you. With this unique brand and luxurious product, we look forward to doing more business with you and bring in more exceptional products in order for you to obtain a sustainable healthy lifestyle for your skin!

Luxurious Skin care Face Mask- Queenka
Queenka | Korean Face Mask Products
Best Korean Skin Care Face Mask- Queenka

Unlike other skin care products that have been distributed around the world from Korea. We made sure we got the highest quality of products to make sure you deserve the best. Our research and development into our products really perform; that we want you to accomplish this goal and make sure our time in these products are worth it for you and your skin. We have tested out many different types of products and made sure why ours is the right one for you. All the way down to ingredient testing, to the type of fabric to use, in order for you to gain the utmost love and treatment for your skin. The expert research and craftsmanship that has been put into these products will show you why we care so much about your skin and why you deserve to our products! Within just one week of usage, the difference of appearance and the feeling inside your skin just tells you that you chose the right path to making your skin healthier and beautiful.

I want to personally thank you for your time on reading our page and knowing us better! Please enjoy our products and make sure you follow us on social media for upcoming news!

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